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Ernie Ball 代言人
楊書豪,來自台灣台北,現擔任〈ONE WAY STEERT〉樂團吉他手,2014年開始以樂手及教師身分活動於音樂圈,啟蒙樂團為 X JAPAN ,熱衷吉他為主及演奏類型的音樂,初期在YOUTUBE 拍攝個人 彈奏影片,同年受邀以客座樂手身分加入無敵貘共同演出一年。
2015年底加入前衛金屬 〈EnlightEN〉 並合力完成專輯【EnlightEN-理智的多樣性】,2017結束合作後轉加入樂團〈ONE WAY STEERT〉並參與拍攝 MV【One Way Street - Serenity】。
About  Howard Young

Howard Young ( Shu Hao Yang ) is a Taiwanese guitarist and song writer who first shined in melodic death metal band- Invisible Tapir in 2014. He is influenced by all music genres, particularly thrash metal and progressive metal. X JAPAN, Megadeth, and Dream Theater are his inspirations.
He is noted for shredding technique, funk and blues. In 2015, he joined Enlighten and produced their debut album <Rational Diversity>. In 2017, he joined metalcore/post-hardcore band- One Way Street and has been performing with them since then.

關於 One Way Street 樂團簡介
〈ONE WAY STEERT〉,來自台灣台北的Metal/Rock樂團,成軍於2013年。樂團成立之初曲風多偏向以Metalcore為主,包含了於2014年發行的首張EP「Vanished Heart」,而後則慢慢轉變為更富有旋律的Post-Hardcore/Alternative Metal,融合了更多元的音樂風格,甚至加入了些許電子、台灣民俗、國樂等元素。
One Way Street於2016年開始製作首張專輯,並遠赴泰國由Retrospect、Sweet Mullet……等泰國天團的御用混音師操刀後製。
短短幾年來〈ONE WAY STEERT〉以最短的年資登上了許多音樂節的舞台和各地的大小Live House,也成為了許多海外樂團的共演嘉賓,2015年時受邀參與美國樂團〈Being As An Ocean〉亞洲巡迴台灣區暖場嘉賓,2017年也受邀參與美國著名樂團〈I See Stars〉世界巡迴台灣場暖場嘉賓。
About  One Way Street 

One Way Street is a metal/rock band from Taipei, Taiwan, formed in 2013. The band consists of vocalist Zico Chi, guitarist Howard Young, bassist Frank Huang, and drummer Wilson Lee. Their debut EP 〈Vanished Heart〉has primarily described as Metalcore. They later draw inspiration from electric and melodic style of post-hardcore, taiwanese traditional music and chinese orchestra to their debate album In Another Life.
One Way Street has been active participating local music festivals and live houses. In 2015, they expended their showcases to Asia, including China and Thailand. They were invited to perform as opening band for Being As An Ocean’s show in Taiwan. In 2017, they also performed as opening for American EHM band - I See Stars in Taiwan. 


‧ 2015年 參與錄製專輯-EnlightEN-理智的多樣性
‧ 2017/6/30 One Way Street 《In Another Life Concert》 首張專輯發片場
(共演樂團為泰國團Sweet Mullet、Greedy Black Hole)
‧2016/12/14 EnlightEN專輯發片場(共演樂團為香港Qollision、火燒島)