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Ibanez 代言人

獄無聲成立於2006年,由前六翼天使 Seraphim 吉他手寒丹爺領軍,音樂元素主要是金屬與硬式搖滾。團長寒丹爺為六翼天使seraphim創始吉他手,在六翼天使解散後就自組獄無聲。他負責將團員們的想法彙集,揉合出屬於獄無聲的音樂方向,操刀著所有音樂的細節與架構,是獄無聲的靈魂人物。




在2015年9月獄無聲獲得國際知名音樂頻道 MTV 中 IGGY 節目選為「 20 個世界上你必須知道的金屬樂團」,與多個國際大團並名,因此獄無聲獲得亞洲以及美洲多家經紀公司的邀請,安排了 2016 年的巡迴及唱片代理。


至今為止,獄無聲共發行了兩張專輯,分別是2009年〈零〉及2014年1月〈劇〉。兩張專輯中每一首歌曲裡都是不同的曲風,並且都獲得了極高的反應與回響,也因此每首歌在網路上都可搜尋到各國樂迷的 Cover 。寒丹爺本身也參與多張專輯錄製。



代言使用琴款  RGD7UCS-ISH   






Dan is knowledgeable regarding the key features and history of most metal guitar brands. He represents the role of a consultant when it comes to being the young guitar players asking questions about guitars.

Dan is also the web master of the biggest musical forum which spans across China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, where he mainly answers questions regarding guitars, band management, and all other questions relating to guitars.

Formed the band Silent Hell in 2006. The band started performing shortly after just 3 months of its formation and gained popularity very quickly. Silent Hell has already become one of the representing metal bands in Taiwan.

Attended music festivals such as Kuming Music Festival and Beijing Music Festival in China, as well as others in Thailand etc.

Dan has been invited to perform with world-renowned bands such as Arch Enemy, Soilwork, and Angra, as well as solo artists such as Marty Friedman, Andy Timons ,Jeff Loomis ,Steve Vai.

Dan Chang's solo instrumental truck released in the compilation album Guitars That Rule The World 2

Dan performed as a special guest for the Brazilian metal band Angra's Taipei show.  Went to Finnvox Studios in Finland and Studio Fredman in Sweden for album remixing and post-production.

2001 Took part in the first heavy metal compilation album METAL TREASURE ATTIC 1. 2002 - Took part in heavy metal compilation album METAL TREASURE ATTIC 2. 2003-now - Composed numerous songs for commercials.


2011 TAIWAN @River live house 

2011.08.14 king of ghost festival 雲林鬼王陰樂祭 

2011.10.25 Schecter Taiwan festival with Jeff Loomis @River live house 

2011.12.18 Rock Taipei festival @京華城夢幻女郎展演場 

2013 .3.13 Silent Hell Drama Concert@Taipei Legacy 傳 


2013.5.20 Silent Hell & Eluveitie Taipei Concert 台北y17演唱會 

2013.5.31 Live in Underground live house-向地下社會致敬 

2013 獄無聲專場中國巡迴 China Tours 

2013.6.27 Silent Hell+PRESEFONE Beijing Concert北京 

2013.6.28 Silent Hell+PRESEFONE Shanghai Concert上海

2013.6.29 Silent Hell+PRESEFONE Canton Concert廣州 

2013.6.30 Silent Hell+PRESEFONE Hong Kong Concert 

2013.11.23The park metal Fest Taipei 金屬三合一演唱會

2014.04.13 台北 the wall

2014.04.24 live in Fukuoka@ Voodoo Lounge 福岡

2014.04.25 live in Osaka @Shinsaibashi SOMA 大阪

2014.04.26 live in Tokyo @Shibuya Cyclon 東京

2014.04.27 live in Tokyo @Shibuya Cyclon 東京

2014.04.29 live in Da Lian Hertz live house 中國大連

2014.04.30 live in Sheng Yang Feng live house 中國瀋陽

2014.05.01 live in Harbin Logcabin live hosue 中國哈爾濱

2014.05.02 北京 草莓音樂季 2014.05.03 上海 草莓音樂季

2014.05.04 台北THE PARK 2014.06.21 第一屆搖滾運動大會

2014.07.13山海屯團結大氣魄 台中迴響

2014.07.25 wake up 音樂祭

2014.12.20 If Music Live 2015 2.26 台北華山

2015.3.12 Hong Kong Music Zone Kitec Center with Arch Enemy

2015.3.14 live in Thailand with Arch Enemy

2015.3.15 live in Taiwan Y17 with Arch Enemy

2015.5.07 live in Taiwan pipe live house

2015 .5.08 live in Osaka

2015. 5.09 live in Tokyo‍

2015.10.31 silent hell live in Singapore

2015.11.01 silent hell live in Malaysia johor bahru

2015.11.06 silent hell live in Hong Kong Hang Out live house