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Ibanez 代言人 Kiko Loureiro 出生於巴西里約市,成長於聖保羅市,Kiko對音樂的熱愛從很小的時候就開始,喜歡泡在圖書館,欣賞大量音樂典藏資料。 在他十一歲時,參加了木吉他課程之後,不曾中斷對樂器的熱愛,不久之後,便立下成為音樂家的志向,鑽研巴西音樂、爵士、重搖滾、前衛金屬與融合樂。

Kiko Loureiro身為巴西國寶級吉他英雄,身兼《Angra/火神安格拉》與吉他演奏家的他,影響了橫跨巴西各世代的吉他手們,也是當今世界上最值得關注的吉他手之一。

Kiko Loureiro音樂深受Scott Henderson、Jeff Beck、Eddie Van Halen、Jimmy Page、Jimi Hendrix、Metallica、Paco de Lucia、Herbie Hancock、Pat Metheny以及Randy Rhoads啟發,學習對象橫跨各式樂風。


Kiko Loureiro不只鑽研電吉他,木吉他與鋼琴也是他學




Kiko Loureiro (Pedro Henrique Loureiro, born on June 16, 1972 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a Brazilian heavy metal guitarist, member of the band Angra.

 Loureiro began studying music and playing acoustic guitar at age 11. Inspired by various artists, mainly Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Randy Rhoads, he moved to the electric guitar at 13 and by 16 had already joined two bands, Legalize (Edu Mello - vocals, Dennis Belik - bass and Alja - Drums) and A Chave, and was playing in nightclubs in São Paulo. At 19, he helped co-found Brazilian power metal band Angra, with whom he still plays. 


Due to the increase in popularity of power metal, Loureiro has become quite successful, both playing in Angra and as a solo artist. He is known for his tremendous technical skill on the guitar, frequently incorporating such techniques as two handed tapping, sweep picking (full sweeped arpeggios), alternate picking, artificial & natural harmonics and combining legato & staccato in the same run or phrase. He is also well known for both his instructional and demonstration videos as well as for writing columns for and appearing on the cover of magazines Cover Guitarra, Guitar & Bass, and Young Guitar.


In addition to his rock/metal achievements, Loureiro has also played guitars on several eurobeat songs in collaboration with Dave Rodgers, including "Fevernova", "Ring of Fire" and "The Road is on Fire".


He speaks French, Spanish, Finnish and English in addition to his native Portuguese. He uploaded a video recently to his Youtube-account of him interviewing Finnish people on the streets in almost fluent Finnish.