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Warwick 電貝斯代言人,代言使用Warwick Streamer Stage I fretless (4-string)

全台金屬界唯一無琴格 (Fretless) 貝斯手,演出包括:肅穆大道亞洲巡迴 (新加坡、泰國、香港) 、野台開唱、大港開唱、UMF終極金屬節、大威震金屬制霸(金屬永生)、西藏自由音樂節,並與 Exodus、Norther、Firewind、Metal Safari 等國際樂團同台演出。歷年來發行「暴動年代」、「恕」、「Catch This Mad Feeling」 與「Ultimate Metal Vol.2 亞洲聯合」四張錄音作品,09年「肅穆大道」專輯獲得亞洲獨立廠牌代理發行。

Ray Wu  Profiles/Biography

Ray Wu, 1981 was born in Taiwan, started play bass from 17 years old, one of the few to fretless bass playing metal bassist which was Impact by Steve digiorgio (Testament Sadus).
The bassist of Solemn from 2003, and the band leader as well.And now is the Indicative fretless bass player in Asia, the bass master,teacher,musical writer and the Visiting Lecturer in collage teach the lesson about SOLEMN formed in Taiwan in 2003, has a female drummer and female vocalist, is Asia's most famous melodic death metal band.
SOLEMN have had published 4 albums in decade, including the one "The Road to Reform" which was record in Jacob Studio in Denmark (Destruction Heaven Shall Burn Mercenary),And has worked with" As I Lay Dying", "Exodus", "Firewind","Norther",participation the three major music festival in Asia several times ;Formosa Festival, Megaport Festival and wake up festival. Currently ongoing in Asia tour. New album will be issued in 2014