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BTB846SC-DTL    Bass Workshop






 neck type BTB6 5pc Maple/Rosewood neck-through

body Poplar Burl top/Ash/Mahogany wing body

fretboard Rosewood fretboard w/Abalone dot inlay

fret Medium Stainless Steel frets (+ zero fret)

number of frets 24 (+ zero fret)

bridge Mono-rail V bridge (17mm string spacing)

neck pickup Bartolini® BH2 neck pickup (Passive)

bridge pickup Bartolini® BH2 bridge pickup (Passive)

equaliser Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/Mid frequency switch

factory tuning 1C,2G,3D,4A,5E,6B

string gauge .032/.045/.065/.080/.100/.130

hardware color Cosmo black


Upper Horn

This extended Upper Horn creates constant contact with the Maple/Bubinga neck from the 12th to the 24th fret, providing maximum stability and increased sustain.


Contoured Neck Scoop

he back of the neck is sculpted for comfort and easy access to the very highest notes. The smooth, graceful contour allows the palm of the left hand to move quickly and easily as it transitions up the neck, into the underside of the bass's Ash body.



不鏽鋼琴衍  The stainless steel frets are known for their bright tone, and they add player-friendly features, such as long durability and a smoothness to bend on.


第0格琴衍 Zero fret A "zero" fret provides accurate intonation, while allowing open strings to ring with the same resonance as notes played up the neck.


Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/Mid frequency switch

The Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/3-way mid-frequency switch offers tonal variations that enhance simple chord work as well as complex soloing.


Bartolini® BH2 pickups

The Bartolini® BH2 pickups provide a tight bottom-end, punchy mid-range, and smooth response. The dual-coil style configuration maximizes articulation and a long blade pole piece widens the magnetic field, providing balanced string-to-string pickup response.