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【Cort x Frank Gambale 簽名電木吉他】〈LUXE 〉  2016/05/11 回列表頁


Cort 大師之作再一發!2016年再邀傳奇吉他大師 Frank Gambale 聯合打造 〈LUXE〉 簽名款電木吉他,來看他介紹並演奏優秀的平價美琴.....

彈奏吉他超過50年,以高超又優美的掃弦與調音聞名的Frank Gambale,聯手 CORT花費心思打造一款長時間使用仍舒適好彈奏 ,又能表現指彈與刷彈多重音色的木吉他!


聯手 傳奇 大師 打造 的 傑作琴款 LUXE 〉

LUXE Feature


Frank Gambale介紹與彈奏影片



Frank Gambale LUXE 特色介紹



LUXE NAT image


 特別面板選擇北美雲杉木ADIRONDACK SPRUCE,側背選用 澳洲產的黑木(BLACKWOOD) 融合了 桃花心木 低頻 楓木清亮與玫瑰木優秀泛音的音質的優秀木料,拾音器搭載L.R Baggs EAS-VTC EQ,具備細膩工藝的鑲嵌裝飾。




LUXE Feature

適合演奏的桶身與切角: Concert /Florentine cutaway



『In my 50 plus years of playing, I have discovered that a small body can yield a big tone. We developed the right combination of woods, bracing and construction to hit a real tonal sweet spot.』

 LUXE Feature

Frank Gambale 操刀設計的Art Deco精緻裝飾工藝  (水晶、鮑魚貝鑲嵌)



『I am also a BIG fan of the Art Deco period so I wanted to incorporate some design cues from that period. You will see that on the headstock, the inlay, and the soundhole rosette. I designed each myself based on design ideas from that period that inspired me.』



LUXE Feature

LUXE Feature


嚴選優秀木料組合 北美雲杉木|澳洲黑木

面板選擇 北美雲杉木ADIRONDACK SPRUCE,此產地雲杉木 強硬密度更優於Stika雲杉木,即使大音量彈奏,也能擁有寬廣動態。
側背板 選用 澳洲產的黑木(BLACKWOOD) 融合了 桃花心木 低頻 楓木清亮與玫瑰木優秀泛音的音質的優秀木料
Solid Adirondak spruce is my favorite for the top. I love the sound, the grain, everything, so that went onto the Luxe. I had to have an ebony fretboard, it just feels and looks…Luxe. We also added it to the top of the headstock as a gorgeous touch. The neck is solid mahogany.

『I wanted something that would sonically achieve my goals, but also be something special. I was hoping to have something Australian on the instrument since I was born and raised there. The Cort team showed me a wood called Australian Flamed Blackwood….wow, it was so beautiful. It is very reminiscent of Hawaiian Koa and it sounds great. That was the perfect fit for Luxe.』




91x 106 mm 桶身深度提供最理想的共鳴條件,每個音符都清晰分明。

『I wanted access to the entire fretboard, so we designed the body on the Luxe to have the neck join the body at the 14th fret. The full-access is great. I can easily reach all the frets.』

響孔環繞圈飾(混合木質)與 特製指板鑲嵌 


搭載拾音電路 L.R Baggs EAS-VTC EQ


LUXE Feature





■ 桶身/切角: Concert /Florentine cutaway

■ 面板:嚴選北美單板 Solid Adirondack Spruce

■ 側背板:澳洲虎紋 Flamed Blackwood 

■ 琴頸: 桃花心木 Mahogany  / 琴頭鑲嵌水晶

■ 琴身包邊 :Tortoise Binding

■ 指板:黑檀木 Ebony

■ 琴衍數/弦長:20 Frets / 25.3" (643mm)

■ 鑲嵌:Custom Fingerboard Inlay

■ 調音弦鈕:鍍金弦鈕

■ 響孔環繞圈飾:混合木質裝飾

■ 琴橋:黑檀木 Ebony

■ 前級電路:L.R Baggs EAS-VTC EQ

■ 出廠特規弦徑:(010 , 014 , 018(unwound) , 030 , 039 , 047)

■ 上下弦枕:Graph-Tech Black TUSQ Nut/Saddle

■ 其他特色:加強共鳴的抗UV漆面




  Guitar Interactive 專題評測LUXE



NAMM 2016 專訪介紹影片